Your life at Limpi.

We know the business, we know the tools of the trade. Our goal is to give you the best possible starting point for your music career.

The Bank

The Bank

The music industry is under constant development, and so will you be this year. When you're not creating, you’ll have weekly lectures and meet-up’s with world class mentors and top players in the music business sharing their industry secrets.

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The Factory

The Factory

We know that inspiration comes to those who work – therefore we have modernized an old factory into a creative space with writing rooms and production studios available for collaborations for you and your peers 24/7.

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There probably won’t be too much time to relax at Limpi, but when you do – you can stop by one of our weekly viewings of music documentaries and other inspirational movies at The LIPP (Lillehammer Post Production House).

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Limpi studio A

Limpi studio A

Over half of your time at LIMPI will be used to create music - and some of that time will be spent producing and mixing it in one of the 5 fully-equipped studios and production rooms at Limpi studio A.

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Lillehammer, Norway 1

Lillehammer, Norway

At Lillehammer you’ll have the time and creative space to focus completely on what you are here to do; developing yourself and your craft, creating new and innovative sounds together with your peers and learning the ins and outs of the industry - from the best in the industry.

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